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All You Should Know About All Season Tyres / Winter Tyres

We are now into the winter season period of the year, the weather has changed, along with the overall road conditions. Frost, ice and snow will now become key factors that a lot of UK drivers have to consider before they even start their daily commutes.

Are all season tyres great for winter driving?

All season tyres are generally designed to be used in all seasons. They are different from winter tyres, due to the fact that they are made out of unique rubber and slightly different tread patterns that allow the tyres to provide better grip in the colder conditions. Generally, they are more durable and can last longer than tyres which are designed specifically just for the winter season. 

It is worth noting that in extreme cold climates or heavy snow conditions, all season tyres may not be right for you. In most areas of the UK, all-season tyres can work in your favour and be an excellent choice if you don’t want to buy specific winter tyres.

Can winter tyres affect your steering?

Winter tyres are designed for higher grip in adverse conditions. The tread design for these tyres grip into the snow, the gap between the tread blocks will fill with snow and ice. It has got the ability to remove snow from its treads, and remain soft even in colder temperatures.

Winter tyres generally have more grooves and different tread features than general / summer tyres. These grooves help in icier conditions and maintain a much better grip on the road. They’re also deep enough to hold in thick snowy conditions, which helps with traction when driving in the snow, provide more grip and reduces the overall braking distance in these colder temperatures. These types of tyres also help to reduce the risk of understeering and oversteering.

How long do all season tyres last?

All season tyres are designed to maintain performance and assist safety further in both summer days and colder winter weather. All season tyres are becoming the more tempting option for a lot of drivers when it comes to overall cost minimisation due to its versatility.

Generally speaking, all season tyres can be used all round the year, and don’t need to be changed according to seasons, resulting in lower overall costs. They do come with a drawback, being that performance wise seasonal tyres tend to be better for the specific seasons, but they are good to consider, especially depending on your current location and if your average yearly mileage is quite low.

Summer tyres vs  winter tyres?

We have outlined some of the key differences between summer tyres and winter tyres to ensure that you make the right decision. Each has its own benefits but again, it serves a specific purpose.

Summer tyres generally perform better when it’s either dry or wet outside, and temperature is relatively warm whereas winter performs better when it’s driving on snow and icy conditions.

Braking Distances

Summer tyres in dry, warm conditions have the best braking distance of approximately 110 – 125 ft.  Surprisingly, even in rainier conditions summer tyres can stop relatively quickly between 135 – 170 ft.

Summer tyres in snow and icy conditions start to deteriorate, these types of tyres often stop around 200 ft

Winter tyres in dry, warm conditions have a braking distance of approximately 125 – 145 ft. In rainier conditions winter tyres can stop between 150 – 220 ft.

Winter tyres in snow and icy conditions start to shine, these types of tyres can often stop in 100 ft (half of the distance required for summer tyres!)

Summer tyre tread feature benefits

  • Continuous centre rib for good straight line stability
  • Larger contact area on the outside of tyre so cornering is easier to grip the road
  • Less tread depth overall helps with steering feel & responsiveness
  • Lack of tread features compared to all season/ winter tyres really good for dry grip
  • Stiffer sidewalls allow for better steering response and feedback

Winter tyre tread feature benefits

  • Tread designed to evacuate water and slush
  • Deep grooves can help hold impact snow
  • Zig zag sipes all over the tread pattern, creates biting edge.Great for grip in wet, snowy and icy conditions

Which winter tyres are the best for me?

Winter tyres perform at its optimal performance, whenever the temperature drops below 9 degrees centigrade (appropriately 48 Fahrenheit).

Here at MQ Tyres we stock a wide selection of affordable and efficient winter tyres that are suitable for a variety of makes and models of cars Any of the following lead tyre maker brands have got some excellent winter tyres on offer – Continental, Pirelli, Goodyear, Michelin and Hankook.

We hope this short guide has helped assist you find the answers to some of your winter season tyre questions. MQ tyres can assist you further and provide further assistance if you require. Please contact us on 01234 327328 or fill out a quick query form to communicate with one of our team members