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Winter Tyres

Should I Get Winter Tyres?

Many people are aware that winter tyres exist, but they don’t necessarily use them. Winter tyres can easily be swapped in for your summer tyres as the temperatures start dropping and can make your vehicle safer to drive when the roads are getting icy and covered in snow.

What Are Winter Tyres?

Winter tyres are made from a type of rubber that has a high silica content. These tyres have a different tread pattern that is designed to stay flexible in temperatures that are below 7 degrees Celsius. This added flexibility allows your vehicle to give better braking and handling performance on both snow and ice as well as on wet roads in cold conditions.

You will be able to easily differentiate between winter and summer tyres as winter tyres are often marked with a symbol of a snowflake or snow-topped mountains.

Tyres in Snowy Field

Are They Worth The Expense?

Yes and no. Some European countries benefit from winter tyres much more than we do in the UK as we aren’t always guaranteed a ‘proper winter’ However, you should remember that these tyres aren’t only beneficial when it is icy or snowing. They offer a better grip in temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius regardless of the conditions.

Winter Tyres are usually more expensive than summer tyres but if you are changing your tyres every 6 months, both sets will last twice as long. This makes the investment a little more appealing. When purchasing winter tyres you will need to fit these on all 4 wheels. Only putting winter tyres on two wheels can upset the stability of your vehicle.

Most would think or say that the all-season tyre is best suited for use in the UK but it’s worth recalling how cold our winters have been over the last couple of years.

In conclusion, if it’s likely that we are going to be spending the majority of the time between October and March is temperatures of 7 degrees or less then they are definitely worth the extra cost.

Snow Covered Cars

Tyre Storage

If you decide to purchase your winter, summer or all-season tyres from MQ Mobile Tyres in Bedfordshire, for a small additional cost we are also able to store your tyres when they aren’t being used following the swap over.

To find out more about our winter tyres and to discuss your requirements with a member of our team, please get in touch on 01234 327328 or via our online contact form.