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Things You Should Consider Before Buying Budget tyres?

A question that we get asked frequently is whether or not it is worth buying budget tyres over premium brand tyres as a cost saving strategy. This is so often the case when people are looking to keep their current car on the road and are not looking to upgrade or buy new.

In this blog post, we are going to outline some of the things to take into consideration when buying budget or cheap tyres.

How Long Will Budget Tyres Last?

If you urgently need to change your tyres because you have punctured it, the tread has worn down or you are running low on cash for the month then budget types are a good alternative to premium tyres.

They can be a very good choice if you are not doing a lot of long distance commuting or are only driving when you really need to. If you drive your car quite frequently then budget tyres are probably not for you, due to the fact they are the least durable tyres out of all options available and will wear out faster than other alternatives.

It may be worth thinking twice about which tyres are right for you, you may think that you are saving money in the short term by buying budget tyres, but if they wear out quickly you’ll have to pay out for another set and will end up costing you significantly more in the long term.

Regulations For Budget Tyres in The UK?

In the UK, all new tyres that are sold have a threshold to meet the industry standards. With new budget tyres, there is no exception and they must pass all legal requirements and safety measures for them to be sold by retailers in the UK.

  • New budget tyres must have a minimum tread depth of 7-8mm
  • Tyre safety standards must be met to be sold within the UK
  • Budget tyres are much safer and more reliable than buying part worn tyres

What’s The Difference Between Premium and Budget Tyres?


Premium and budget tyres are tested frequently against each other for performance differences, to identify any trends in efficiency and durability. The results indicate that premium tyres will always beat budget tyres when compared for overall grip, handling and durability.

Premium tyres give road users improved traction on the road, and also provide greater fuel efficiency than budget tyres in almost any weather condition!


One of the biggest differences between premium and budget tyres of the materials used the manufacture the two grades of tyres.

Budget tyres are not made with the same level of materials and compounds as premium tyres, and will not have been tested and developed as thoroughly for quality control purposes.

This difference in materials can mean that premium tyres will be far more durable than budget tyres. Longer lasting tread patterns, and longer lasting when driving on any road condition. 

Premium tyres are a worthwhile investment if you are commuting in your vehicle over long distances more frequently.

Are Budget Tyres Better Than Premium Tyres?

Choosing the right tyres for your car can be difficult, but it’s important to know that there isn’t a guideline for good or bad tyres. The tyres that you select should suit the vehicle that you are expecting to drive.

There are several factors that you should consider in your tyre choice too, we have listed some of these below for your own awareness:

  • Fuel economy: The tyres you choose will impact how often you are at the petrol station. Tyres have different treads and it’s best to look for tyres with low rolling resistance, whilst checking tyre specifications for the fuel efficiency grade.
  • Noise: Since each tyre tread is different, some are going to provide a louder driver experience than others. Advanced, new tyres have technology that reduces sound levels for your car lower. It’s worth noting if this is important for you.
  • Price: When comparing premium tyres to budget tyres, you’ll basically get what you pay for. Premium tyres offer an improved driving experience, precise handling and longer durability but will be more expensive. Budget tyres come cheap, without the impressive technology features. All tyres have to meet the safety standards by low, so this is something to consider if you want comfort and a quality driving experience.

The right tyres for you depend on what you use your vehicle primarily for and your overall driving style. Avoid getting into the habit of buying tyres based on the price tag, think about which tyres would best suit your vehicle, individual requirements and your budget.

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