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Whether you need replacement brake pads, brake discs or brake shoes, our experts will help.

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Noticed an unusual sound? Get your vehicle brakes checked to ensure they are in good condition.

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Vehicle Brake Inspections & Replacements in Bedford

At MQ Mobile Tyres we offer free checks to your entire braking system to help ensure you stay safe on the road. This includes a full check of your brake pedal, lines, fluid, and hoses. Whether it is a grinding noise or your brake pedal pulsation that has got you concerned, we can help. We provide expert services for disc replacements, pad replacements and brake shoe replacements.

Brake inspection is an absolute must to ensure your vehicle’s health and more importantly yours. Visit MQ Mobile Tyres to have our experts examine your brakes and determine whether they need replacement.

  • Free brake inspections
  • Disc replacements
  • Pad replacements
  • Brake shoe replacements
  • Only quality replacement parts used

Light Mechanical Work

Mechanical WorkAlthough we principally support customers with a selection of expert tyre services, our technicians have also been fully trained and are qualified to provide expert mechanical services for your vehicle. If you have any light mechanical services that need to be completed on your vehicle, you can trust MQ Mobile Tyres. If you have any small issues with your beloved vehicle, then our technicians are trained to perform small repairs on your vehicle. Simply get in touch today to see how we can help you.

We have over 15+ years of helping customers with specialised vehicle services and pride ourselves with our honest and impartial advice. Come and visit our location or call our experts via  01234 327328.

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